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Project Description

Design and Ministry Needs

Fearless Church, formerly known as Far Hills Church, sold their building and enlisted the help of The McKnight Group to transform an existing auto dealership into their new church home. Located in Centerville, Ohio, the 37,600 sf building needed an overhaul to provide for the needs of the growing church. Taking full advantage of the spacious layout, and easy accessibility, the space transformed into an uplifting and welcoming place for their congregation to gather.


Through selective demolition, the dim auto garage was renovated into a spacious foyer with an abundance of natural lighting, new flooring, bright fixtures, and gathering areas. Additionally, the building now has twelve classrooms, multiple restrooms, offices, mechanical and green rooms, and a 725-seat sanctuary attached to a warming kitchen and pantry. The upper level was renovated to include an elevator, stairs, children and youth worship space, two additional classrooms and a breakout room. The exterior was remodeled into a contemporary, attractive building with an enlarged storefront and an entrance canopy.


Fearless Church now has an expansive, modern facility to call home. Their new building is a tool where they can continue to train God’s people to “Become Fearless Followers of Jesus”.


Fearless Church    Centerville, Ohio                  http://www.befearless.org                                                      Project:                        Remodel of a car dealership into a worship facility          725 Seat Sanctuary, Offices, Classrooms, Foyer, Kitchen, Pantry, Restrooms, Youth & Children’s Spaces, Elevator, Stairs, Mechanical Room, Green Room                                                                                Square Feet:                          37,600 Remodel                                                                            Project Completed:            February 2020                                                                              For more information, please contact:                    The McKnight Group              (614) 875–1689                    (800) 625–6448            request@mcknightgroup.com

“We were able to turn an abandoned car dealership into an engaging worship center and gathering place. The McKnight team helped us maximize our space, work through the challenges of a full remodel, and allow us to complete the project on budget. Their team understood and embraced our desire to advance God’s Kingdom. You have to see the before and after pictures to truly appreciate the transformation!” 

Andy Hahn, Executive Pastor – Fearless Church


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