process-graphic Here at The McKnight Group, our experience, integrity, and expertise come together to work for you. Our team will help bring your company’s vision, for now and the future, to life. Whether you are seeking bold ideas or traditional solutions, we will help you achieve what is possible. And you will be involved every step of the way.

The McKnight Group will guide you through the logistical challenges of developing a construction budget, obtaining zoning approval, and surveying your land before any other work is started.

From a budget perspective, you will have a clear idea of the project’s total cost before we begin. Our team’s thorough working knowledge of design, material and building costs as well as our close relationships with fairly priced sub-contractors make each step of the project simple to understand while eliminating any surprises. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to suggest quality improvements and designs that are both functional and within your price range. Our reputation speaks to our honesty and expertise, so you know you are in good hands and can feel comfortable through each step.

Once the preliminary work is out of the way, we work with you to complete schematic and construction drawings. Although our buildings are aesthetically designed, functionality is essential. With that in mind, each building is uniquely tailored for your business needs. To bring these drawings to life, we create a virtual 3D tour of every building so you can be confident of the final project before even breaking ground.

In addition to senior managers with decades of experience, the staff also includes project coordinators and superintendents with hundreds of years of combined experience to draw upon.  Our staff, along with our quality equipment, machinery, and working knowledge of construction, will come together to produce a quality building, on time. You will know you made the right choice when you walk into your new workspace.

The driving force behind our process is you; each building is designed for your business needs, built with your oversight, and structured to your budget. That’s a McKnight Group guarantee.

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