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THE 2018

The 2018 series focuses on the latest topics in church building, including how to fund your projects, current trends in church designs and how to develop a clear vision for your church. Other webinars explore ideas for creating effective children’s spaces and how to save money during church construction.

The webinars are live, free and interactive, and they can be viewed right from your computer. 


How to Transform the Building You Have into the Building You Need

Your ministry is geared toward today’s world, but is your building?

Frequently, church leaders find themselves trying to function in buildings that were designed for a vastly different age and approach to ministry. If that sounds familiar, then you’re painfully aware of the obstacles presented by your building that get in the way of effective ministry.

If you want your church to become not just the home people have, but the home people need, join us for this i3 webinar. We’ll take a look at the obstacles faced by real churches and witness how their buildings were transformed to provide their ministries with more opportunities than they ever thought possible.

Creating Effective Children’s Spaces

Have you ever heard a new family at church tell you, “We just drove by your church and our kids said, ‘Let’s go there mommy!’”

Where do you even begin in creating a facility like that? Do you need to build something new, or can you redeem space in your existing building to make a warm and friendly impression on young families and children? Want to start childcare in your building? What does that entail?

In this i3 webinar, you’ll learn how you can create an exciting place for kids and families, along with the common pitfalls that you’ll want to be sure to avoid.

Top Interior Design Questions Asked by Churches

If you’re thinking about an interior design project, you’re also probably thinking about a million questions. What’s the best seating option for your worship center? Should you include a mural in the children’s space? Is your church better suited to contemporary finishes or are more traditional finishes a better choice?

It can be overwhelming, but fortunately we have answers. In this i3 webinar, we’ll look at the most common interior design questions—and answers—that churches ask today. From taking the first steps to flooring options and furniture, we’ll examine how you can create dynamic spaces that extend a welcoming invitation to your congregation and guests.

How to Fund Your Project in Today’s Economy

Dreaming of a church building project but unsure if you’ll be able to fund it? Even though today’s economy can seem more like a nightmare, churches are successfully building new facilities or renovating existing spaces. All it takes is a little creativity!

In this i3 webinar, you’ll learn the specific methods that churches use to raise money, including all the little-known, outside-the-box, forward-thinking approaches. We’ll also provide you with tools for projecting a realistic budget that your church can afford.

Even if you’re not ready to start the building process, this webinar will teach you the most important steps to take now so that you’ll be prepared to build in the future!

Principles for a Successful Church Building Project

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to beginning a church building project. Mistakes not only cost money, they also exact a toll on the relationship between church leadership and the congregation. Do you know the common problems to avoid during your building project?

Learn how to sidestep these pitfalls in this i3 webinar. We’ll discuss the principles at the core of every successful church building project. You’ll learn how to assemble the right leadership team, develop a clear vision, understand your financial potential, make your building functional and more!

Developing a Clear Vision for Your Church

What’s the most important tool in building a church? It’s not hammer and nail. It’s your God-inspired vision.

Do you have a clear vision for your church and your congregation? Here’s the good news: if you understand that your church has a facility need, you’ve already accomplished the first step in developing a vision for your church.

In this i3 webinar, we’ll teach you have to develop a clear vision that will guide you and your church. We’ll also discuss how to transform your vision into a reality with a dynamic facility that reaches newcomers, grows your community, and builds the Kingdom.

Steps to a Successful Church Interior Design Project

If you’re considering a new building project or renovation of your existing space, have you started to think about the interior finishes?  Where do you even begin to figure colors and patterns? What type of flooring should you use in your lobby?  Who should you include in the process?

Completing a successful project depends on good planning and making the right decisions from the beginning. If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start—this i3 webinar is for you! We’ll break down the interior design process to help make your project successful. You may be surprised—the first step may not be what you think!

What Really Saves You Money (The Truth About Church Construction)

What really saves you money?

You or someone in your congregation has heard a commercial or have seen an advertisement that claims its product will save the church money over other construction methods. Other items claim new technology will save you a lot of money during the operation of your facility. Maybe you are skeptical or maybe you are ready to take their offer and get that building for your church. But how do you really know what you are saving?

In this i3 webinar, we will be looking at several widely advertised concepts that claim to save money and how much they really save. We will also look at several products and new technologies as well as the savings they do or do not give.

Current Trends in Church Design

Church design in the U.S. has changed significantly in recent years, and it is continuing to shift in response to macro- and micro-trends across the nation. In this i3 webinar, we will discuss these factors and their current effect on our design of church facilities. Some trends, influenced by technology, are wholly new; some trends, influenced by economic and other factors, are leading to a return to a simpler time in church life. We will also highlight several projects from our own experience that reveal these latest trends in church design.

Step by Step: New Church Building From Start to Finish

When taking a long trip, people who are not pressed for time, don’t care about the cost and are not concerned where they end up, also fail to plan how they are going to get there. 

Most of us cannot afford the time or money to take an unplanned journey, so we either look at a map, Google directions or at least put an address into our GPS. There is a map for church building projects that will help you know which direction to take, where the stops are and what is the best way to arrive at your destination without costing yourself useless time or money. 

In this webinar we will layout the path from start to finish so you arrive at your new facility without having to backtrack. We will even point out the potholes to avoid along the way.